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 Mar 18th

I received a lot of requests to see some more SE5a development photos. I have started receiving some of the 3D printed parts as you can see in the first two photos. I added some dimensions to the valve covers giving you an idea how large they really are. These parts are hard plastic which is quite stable, strong and they will require some slight sanding. You can see there is a right and left valve cover. Also in the photo you will notice the two tail pipe exhaust ends, the tail skid fitting, the oil cover and the rudder bar base. These are all ready to be cleaned up for painting. Following that you will see some more 3D images of components being fabricated now. One of the most complicated dashboard components is that infamous compass. The compass will come in several pieces and will assembly with standard hardware. The purple is simulating glass. The compass is the center piece of the dashboard. Following that is the clock housing. This mounts to the top left side of the cockpit stiffener. Again the clock faceplate has been left off for image purposes. The stabilizer adjustment wheel is next which happens to be a complicated component as well. It will look nice next to the pilots left leg. Technically, this part could work as the cable will be inserted into the tab with the hole. Next you will see the air adjustment valve which will be printed in brass. I am anxious to see how that will come out. Copper tubes will slide onto the stems you see. This is a really cool piece. Following that is the clinometer with markings. I am looking for a clear tube to fit so a fluid can be added making this component functional. Next you see the Altimeter bezel with knob with the purple simulating the glass plate. This component goes on the top right cockpit stiffener corner. It is rather large. I didn't show all the 3D parts but here is a "work in progress" dashboard view. You can see the other gauges and mounting brackets. Looks really nice. I received the laminated plastic for the name plates that some of these require which will be included with these components. At the end of the day the dashboard will be complete. The gauge face plates will be the night version meaning the lettering will be white on a black background. Most of the replicas and original photos follow that same theme. Sometimes we see the sun here in North Carolina but a while back I assembled some of the parts taking the next series of photos. This gives you an idea of construction and what to expect in this kit. The ribs are basswood as well as the spars. The wings are staying in position using music wire which will help in field assembly and setting the 5 degree incidence. I plan to add steel plates to the forward fuselage side pockets to help balance the plane. The DA-85 engine is not that heavy which adding this weight should be a step in the right direction. The wheels are the new William Brother's Palmer Cord version which ride on the 1/2 inch axle. They look really nice. I will post some more photos when I get some more time. As always any comments or questions just visit my contact page.

- Glenn