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 June 11th

When your lovely wife surprises you with a father's day (this Sunday) gift with Shuttleworth airshow tickets, you know she's a keeper. Yep, that's what happened and yes I will be at the famous Shuttleworth airfield this Sunday. Looking forward to seeing their vast collection as well as watching their airshow. Stop by if you're out that way. Mike Gross emailed some photos of his award winning GTM 3rd scale Dr1; recall he took Best of Show at the recent WRAM show. The first photo shows his Dr1 taking off on the maiden flight and a nice side view in-between flights. He covered his Dr1 with 100% natural linen. He will be attending some shows this season with it and reminds us to attend their WW1 event on Aug 1-3. You can visit their link at I would highly recommend on attending their flying site is splendid. As you know the SE5a will come with 3D printed parts which the next photo shows I am smoothing the surfaces with CA. The parts have a small texture which can be filled in with CA so when painted they will look like metal. Not sure if you knew that 3D parts can be printed in metal. The next photo shows the air valve system in brass. Really cool. This component will be in the SE5a kit as well although the brass base will be attached so you just need to screw it in place on the dashboard. The laser metal fittings arrived awhile back. This photo shows the center vertical fin fitting. The vertical fin is in front of the rudder and these type of fittings are ensuring it isn't going anywhere. I had a handful of emails asking about covering, rib tapes and stitching. The next few photos show the rudder during that process. My SE5a is being covered with 100% linen. You can see the first photo shows a hole being drilled in the fabric so the eyelet can be installed. These eyelets are found on the port (left) side of the rudder which you can see in the next photo. I use small cord cut to length and spaced per the plans. Glued in place with fabric glue. Then the last photo shows the rib tape over the stitching and the eyelet. Both of these tapes will require a couple of clear butyrate dope then the rudder can be painted the blue / white / red. Lastly, I want to mention one of the must attend events this year in VA Beach. The event poster shows the dates and information. This year will be a combination of R/C and full scale shows with a lot of WW1 activities. I suggest you register now as you can do that online thru their website. Definitely, don't miss this one. As always any comments or questions just visit my contact page.

- Glenn