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 Oct 5th

Just finished the Mid-Atlantic Dawn Patrol event. Weather held out and it was very well attended. The museum and hosting club made this event really relaxing and enjoyable. Besides the excellent hospitality the museum's airplane collection is something to see. Absolutely, impressive. Yes, this is an event you need to add to your "to do" list. There were a lot of 1/4 and 1/3 scale models in attendance this year. The quality gets better each year. I didn't get a chance to take a lot of photos this year but I did manage to take some. So, let's get to the photos. The first two photos show a 1909 Demoiselle model built by Gary who hails from Ohio. It flies as well today as it did back then. Great job, Gary. Alan Yendle traveled from Texas bringing his 1/2 scale 1912 Blackburn monoplane. It sports a 16 foot wing span with a 40 inch wing chord. Once the finally inspection certificate is issued, Alan will do the maiden flight. Good luck Alan. John Mueller brought his 3rd scale Fokker Jasta up from Georgia as shown in the next photo. He has two GTM planes and a Balsa USA D7. A great Fokker collection. Nice job, John. Dave Perrone came down from Massachusetts with his award winning 3rd scale GTM Fokker D8. It weighs in at 30lbs and sports an electric engine for power. Following that is Paul Westrich's 1/2 scale Fokker D6. Paul updated the paint scheme and hand paint all that lozenge. A lot of work that really paid off. Looks fantastic. Great job Paul. The Best of Show this year went to Gotz Vogelsang with his 40% Eindecker. Gotz flew this wing warping beauty with ease. The pilot moves the control stick as the control surfaces move. Just a fun model. A super job Gotz, congrats. The next photo shows the new GTM SE5a in the bones. Gives you the idea of the detail and wing arrangement. More SE5a details later this month. The museum's recent WW1 acquisition is this lovely D7 covered in lozenge linen. Doing some engine updates but should be flying soon. The museum moved some of their WW2 eye candy making room for Saturday's banquet. Who doesn't like the Hellcat, Corsair or a Skyraider. Really impressive. The museum's Jenny powered by a Hisso saw a lot of air time over the weekend. Really nice subject. They even flew their Wright flyer. Looks awesome in the air. The museum's owner flew this Dr1 during the airshow as the next photo shows their yellow nose Jasta paint scheme on this Dr1. The museum has four Dr1s in their collection. The weekend full scale air show included our r/c models. Here you can see the staging area. A lot of pilots volunteered to show the crowd their plane and talent. The R/C models were well received by the public. Also, notice the WW1 reenactor setup in the background. The next two photos show two Fokker D7s the second one is a rare C1 version, a two seater. One of the reenactors walking the museum grounds. I attended the June Shuttleworth airshow which some photos are next. First, you can see the TVAL BE2 has just arrived. They assembled this plane in two days! Getting it ready for the weekend show. A nice photo showing the Palmer tire details. Their Bristol biplane taxiing back. Following that you see their Pup, SE5a and Tripehound. All very impressive. Their hangars had some rare planes such as this Avro triplane. The British museum of Science had the 3rd floor chock full of WW1 goodies. Seen in this photo is their unbelievable engine collection and lastly you can see the rafters are full of interesting subjects. Just a marvelous place to visit. As always any comments or questions just visit my contact page.

- Glenn