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Sun and fun was the theme at the Long Island Skyhawk's Dawn Patrol last weekend. From the hosting club, flying field, surrounding amenities to the quality of WW1 models it's one of the best WW1 Dawn Patrol events I ever attended. We made the trip up arriving Thursday afternoon finding an active flight line with a huge grass runway which is surrounded by an active sod farm. The back side of the club's acreage is a state park. No surrounding houses or buildings to be concerned about. The 5:30am early Dawn Patrol events didn't bother anyone but the occasional deer or bird. Most of the attending models were 1/4 and 1/3 scale mainly gas driven but a couple of electrics were present. The quality in some of these scale replicas was really impressive. I noticed each year WW1 modeling has been getting better and better. I also noticed this was a much laid back fly-in which still incorporated safety and good flight line rules. They did sponsor a "Mission" event which you could participate in. If you’re not familiar with the "Mission" event it is where you earn points for accurately dropping a bomb, break a balloon and spot land. Trophies and prizes were awarded after the hosting club sponsored Saturday BBQ dinner which was excellent; I think almost every pilot went home with something. Bottom line - it's a marvelous event that is screaming for your attendance. Definitely, add it to your bucket list. Let's get to the photos. The first photo shows Tom Kosewski helping Dave Perrone (right) assemble Dave's award winning 3rd scale GTM Fokker D8. Dave had this electric power "Flying-Razor" flying all weekend. Only three D8s were at the event. Nice job Dave. Paul Westrich brought his 3rd scale BUSA D7 sporting the seven swabians. Well done and looks great in the air. Barry Vogel brought his newly finished 3rd scale BUSA Albatros DVa covered with our five color lozenge. Turns out Barry went home with the best "Central Powers" multi-wing trophy. Well deserved, congrats Barry. Another lovely Albie DVa although this 3rd scale is a Vogelsang kit. Really nicely done. Andy Marone brought his faithful 3rd scale BUSA D7. He loves flying this nicely done machine in the early Dawn Patrol 5:30am flight. He's been doing that for years. Our five color lozenge is holding up very well with all those flights. When you show up with DH-1 bucket you will get a lot of attention. Andy got more than that, he won "Pilot's Choice" with his specular scale replica. Pulleys work fine and it looks awesome in the air. Great job Andy. (Somebody should kit this plane) Another one of Andy's squadron was this scratch built 3rd scale Sopwith Tripehound a seldom seen model. Actually Vogelsang Aero-scale just started shipping a 3rd scale Tripehound kit. It flies really well. Mike Gross Sr. brought his two award winning 3rd scale subjects; GTM Fokker Dr1 and Mick Reeve Camel. Both look great either sitting there and/or in that New York blue sky. It doesn't have to be big to be nice. Here's a flock of planes that are really nice and flew all weekend. Albie upfront with a Spad in the background a couple of Nieuports and the white Goring Fokker D7. Nice job guys. Dave, Tom and Doug getting ready for the early dawn patrol its 5am Saturday morning. Notice the blue moon. Eleven pilots flew Saturday's early dawn patrol. Saturday around noon everyone lined up their plane for all to see, pretty impressive. Roy Valliancourt brought his 3rd (stand-off) scale SE5a prototype which is quite nice it flew very well. After the Saturday BBQ dinner the awards and prizes were passed out. One of the raffles was a ride in Nick Ziroli Jr's Stearman. Lovely plane station at the nearby airport. Hope to see you at next year's event. As always any comments or questions just visit my contact page.

- Glenn